The Bank of Papua New Guinea has released a new issue of the 50 Kina note. This banknote incorporates advanced security features to help protect against counterfeiting whilst still retaining many features from the old paper K50 note. The note features the Parliament building in Port Moresby

The note is printed by Note Printing Australia Limited -- see also -- http://www.polymernotes.org/country_pages/png.htm

The new features are listed below.

Front of new K50 Note [46K]
  • Slightly raised printing on the "50", National Crest, Legal Tender clause and words "Bank of Papua New Guinea"
  • Flat printing used for multi coloured patterns
  • See through front to back shape (When held up to the light it will form a cross)
  • Slightly raised printing of Parliament house
  • Shadow image of BPNG Logo
  • Clear window with printed bank logo and "50 PNG" micro lettering
  • Embossed "50" numeral in clear window
  • Optical thread "PNG 50", viewed when held to light
  • Signatures fluoresce when viewed under UV light
  • Serial numbers fluoresce when under UV
  • Invisible fluorescent "50" numeral patch visible under UV

Back of new K50 Note [53K]
  • Slightly raised printing on picture of Michael Somare
  • Slightly raised printing of "50", karkar spears and micro printing of "Papua New Guinea"
  • Slightly raised printing on head-dresses from several provinces
  • Latent image of "50" appears when viewed from an angle close to horizontal
  • Visible fluorescent pattern when viewed under UV light.

The note is printed by -- Note Printing Australia Limited