** are YOU from PNG? **

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You know you are a Papua New Guinean when

Thanks to Cathi for this...

* You have cordial or a coke 4 breakfast.
* You have buai and a smoke for Lunch.
* You still live with your parents even though you're 30
* You bring your boyfriend / girlfriend to the house and everyone's concluded that you are married!
* You wear board shorts to cruz in town even though u r not going 4 a swim
* You share one cigarette with five other people
* Your Mother gives your father Black eyes
* You have about 3 families living in one house
* Still keep drinking even though you can barely talk and walk
* At any major function, instead of a plate, your food comes in a plastic container
* You run into a mountain of slippers blocking the front door.
* Your staple diet is rice and tin fish or Ox & Palm.
* You have a huge gap between your first two toes, (excessive thongwear...)
* Swimming pool is filled with people wearing t-shirts, (Females)
* You can sprint barefoot on sharp stones and rocks.
* You wake up and go straight to work or classes
* At crossings, you are supposed 2 wait 4 the car to stop b4 crossing, not the other way around.
* Your first and last names are the same. (John John)
* You have a perpetually drunk Uncle who starts fights at every family gathering
* You call a friend - (squad),
* Every time you greet someone he says "YOU"?
* You have sat in a 4-seater car with up to 8 other people. (Don't mention the back of a ute)
* You can speak with your face - eg. Twitch like a rabbit to ask, Where yougoing?"
* Your Grandmother thinks Vicks Vapour-Rub is the miracle cure for everything (including broken bones...) In my haus it was white flower or kwanloong
* You're getting a hiding and your parents yell at you as to,"Why you are crying for?" ("you karai lo wanem ah ......")
* You've been shamed and belted up by your Mother in front of schoolmates at the Supermarket.
* You're a Tycoon on your payday by shouting everyone and scab money offpeople till the next fortnight.
* You invite people over for dinner and your family all of a sudden says the grace.* You've had an afro at some stage in your life (boys AND girls) and thought you looked cool.
* You're at your Aunties and see your 6 year old cousin doing household chores.
* Your Aunty visits and she's talking to you at the same time as looking in your pots for food...
* You think a PMV Bus door can hold nearly 10 people
* You go to your village rich and come back poor.
* If you cannot recall peoples names you call them 'raitman' or 'raitmeri'
* You have lap laps for curtains in your house.
* You empty your pay packet on Friday & over the weekend, by Monday you go looking for Dinau Moni

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