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Klassik Fahrt - 21st November 2009

Here are some images taken at a recent BMW Motorcylce Club of Victoria Klassik Fahrt held on the 21st of November 2009. The ride was to a recently refurbished and re-opened Radio Springs Hotel in an almost hidden location at Lyonville off the main road near Trentham in Victoria.

Lilydale to Broadford via:Yarra Glen, Glenburn, Flowerdale, and Strath Creek.      96Km

Broadford to Kyneton via: Pyalong and Baynton. FUEL AT KYNETON                   83Km        (179Km)
Kyneton to Lyonville via:Coliban Reservoir and Little Hampton.                             34Km        (213Km)
Lyonville to Caroline Springs (Melb West) via:
Trentham, Blackwood, Greendale and the Freeway                                                87Km        (300Km)

The ride was led by Peter Cullen.

From the German language - Klassik = classical period; classical age. Fahrt = Ride

Outside the Lyonville Radio Springs Hotel. Not all bikes were classics.

The black bike is an R69S


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