Tolai DukDuk / Tubuan (Tumbuan)
via Papua New Guinea
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Tubuan and Tavurvur volcano at Rabaul

Tubuan and Tavurvur volcano - Rabaul
Tubuan (Iananariai) in front of Tavurvur Volcano (Note 1)
which erupted in Sept 1994 and is still smoking today (Aug 2009)

The dukduk and tubuan are part of traditional Tolai culture. The Dukduk society uses male (duk duk) and female (tubuan) masks. Both types are cone-shaped and are constructed of cane and fibre. Traditionally the duk duk was taller than the tubuan and was faceless. The tubuan had circular eyes and a crescent-shaped mouth painted on a dark background. Both masks had short, bushy capes of leaves.

Note 1 - In 1994, a large eruption on Mt Tavurvur and the nearby Vulcan peak destroyed much of Rabaul, covering the airport and much of the town with ash, and forcing the construction of a new capital, Kokopo, 20 kilometres away. Rabaul airport is now located at Tokua across the harbour from Rabaul.

link to Tabu - Traditional Shell money used in East New Britain by the Tolai community.

Third South Pacific Festival of Arts (1980)

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