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BMW F800S (2007)

BMW F800S - 2007
Sports Motorcycle at Yea, Victoria

The BMW F800 has been produced in cooperation with Bombardier-Rotax. The engine is manufactured in the Austrian Rotax plant and is delivered to the BMW Berlin production line ready-for-assembly. It is a completely new mid-range sports / sports touring motorcycle for BMW filling the gap between the F650 and the larger R and K series bikes.


F800S and The Yellow Peril - its real name is Vault but the Melbourne media dubbed it “The Yellow Peril
Amelia Earhart had a yellow Kissel “Speedster” aeroplane which she famously named the “Yellow Peril” The Vault has nothing to do with Amelia Earhart.

It is the first two-cylinder inline engine in the history of BMW Motorcycles and features a four-valve per cylinder design.  The bike is available in a Sports, a Sports Touring and GS Gelände/Strasse dual purpose configurations. The photos on this page shows the 2007 S or Sports model.

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