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The 1999 Team - PNG Kapul (A)

Steve Mobbs (Manager), Mohamed Ridzwan Bin Hamzah, Tauno Lovai, Simon Davis, Kele Lessy
Desmond Alesana (Coach), Sammie Campbell Misirat, Joshua Tore, Thomas Lemon, Patrick Kiromat, Channel Kakehe (Coach)
William Mobbs, Gadoeno Michie, Dominic Olm-Milligan, Ryan Woolly, Joseph Kakeha, Yahee Kusunan, Barry Pascoe
Photograph Courtesy Pine Creek Pictures
(PO Box 7373 Cairns, Qld 4870, Australia)

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This site is about Trevor Michie's family. Trevor has family mainly in Victoria with a son and daughter (and  their families) in Perth, West Australia. He has in-laws in Papua New Guinea - Australia's closest neighbour.

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