BMW F800ST (2007)

BMW F800ST - 2007
Sports Touring

The BMW F800 has been produced in cooperation with Bombardier-Rotax. The engine is manufactured in the Austrian Rotax plant and is delivered to the Berlin production line ready-for-assembly. It is a completely new mid-range sports / sports touring motorcycle for BMW filling the gap between the F650 and the larger R and K series bikes.


It is the first two-cylinder inline engine in the history of BMW Motorcycles and features a four-valve per cylinder design.  The bike is available in a Sports, a Sports Touring and GS "Gelände/Strasse" dual purpose configurations. The photos on this page shows the 2007 ST or Sports Touring model. The model now also includes an R "naked" bike and in 2013 a GT version was released. BMW has increased the output of the F800 GT to 66 kW at 8000 rpm, compared to the 62 kW of the F800 ST.


BMW 800cc Twin Cylinder

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