BMW /5


/5 series 1969 - 1973

BMW offered three models in the /5 series, the primary variations in the models being the cylinder displacements. Actual displacement is 498cc for the R50/5, 599cc for the R60/5, and 745cc for the R75/5. The R75/5 was the first machine of that displacement offered by BMW since the end of World War II. Outwardly the three models are almost completely identical. Curb weight according to the 1973 owner's manual is 412 pounds for the R50/5 and 423 pounds for the R60/5 and R75/5 (less fuel). On the two larger displacement machines an electric starter motor is a standard feature; on the R50/5 it is optional. Concentric float carburetors are featured on the R50/5 and R60/5. The R75/5 uses constant vacuum (CV) carburetors with a 32mm choke. Bing is the manufacturer of both types.

My BMW R60/5 (1972-3)

The BMW R60/5 was first introduced to the general public in 1969 - Here are pictures of my R60/5

The R60 slash 5 was a 600cc horizontally opposed twin cylinder model equipped with dry plate clutch, Bing slide-type carburetors with 26mm throats and a 4 speed gearbox.

BMW R60/5

All slash 5 models were air-cooled, four-cycle, horizontally opposed-twin (boxer) engines with hemispherical combustion chambers. Their engine housings are one-piece tunnels housings. The camshaft, driven by a duplex chain, runs at half engine speed and is located below the crankshaft. Valves are actuated by the camshaft through hardened followers, push rods, and rocker arms.

Video about the "new" R75/5 and R90S BMW


R60/5 Details - 1969 - 1973






70.6 mm


40hp (29.5 Kw @ 6400 rpm)


49Nm (36ft lb @5000 rpm)


Bing 26mm slide
1/26/111 -1/26/112


599 cc

Compression Ratio



2 valves per cylinder
ohv, using push rod and rocker arm


Dry single plate, with diaphragm spring

Engine Lubrication

Wet Sump


4 speed


dog-type gearbox (ratchet foot lever)

Gear ratios

3,896 / 2,578 / 1,875 / 1,50 : 1

Rear wheel ratio

1 : 3,56

Bevel/crown wheel

11 / 37 teeth

Top Speed

103mph - 167kmh

Tyres -Front

19" - 3.25

Tyres - Rear

18" - 4,00 S

Rims Front

1,85 B 19"

Rims Rear

1,85 B 18" or 2,15 B 18"

Brakes - Front

Duplex drum brake 200 mm / 7.87 in diameter

Brakes - Rear

Simplex drum brake 200 mm  / 7.87 in diameter

Unladen Weight with Full Tank

210 Kg / 462 lb (from 1971: 205 Kg / 451 lb)

Max. Permissible Weight

398 Kg / 876 lb



Wheel Base

1385 mm (from 1973: 1435 mm)

Ground Clearance

165 mm ( at 75 kg load)

Acceleration (0 - 100 Kph / 62 mph)

8.2 seconds


Electrical System



Battery Ignition


12volt 180 Watt (Bosch)


0.5 hp (Bosch)

Spark Plugs

Bosch W 230 T 30 / Beru 230/14/3 A / Champion N7Y


Fuel Consumption

4.8 litres 100Km (at constant 90 Kph) / 58 mpg / 49 mpg US

The R60/5 is currently being restored. One of the major items is the full Mitchenall Bros Avon fairing fitted by the original owner Ian Taylor. The fairing has been on the bike since almost its first days in Victoria and is now very worse for wear. I picked up a new screen for the fairing in 1996/1997 but have not fitted this to the bike yet. Here are some pictures of the fairing condition. The fairing has been repaired and now needs to fitted to the bike and some logos added.


Paint Colours used by BMW for the /5 series.

1970 and 1971, the /5 series was available in the following colors:

Glasurit code
Black (schwarz) #086
Silver #057
White (feder weiss) #O84

In 1972 and 1973, the /5 series was available in the following colors.

Color Glasurit code
Black #086
Monza Blue Metallic #538
Silver (polaris) #060
Granada Red #023
Feder Weiss #084
Metallic Gold (also called "curry" in the U.S.) #029
Metallic Green #074

Many European police forces used the R75/5 as well. Many were painted a color called "Authority Green" with a Glasurit code of #067.

MotoMeter tacho/speedo
This series of BMW used a combined Motometer tacho/speedo.         

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