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On the next page you can find some photos of typical transport that I travel on when I go out on field work supervising medical students.

In 1998 I played with the Air Niugini team at the World Airline Hockey Association Championships in Amsterdam, Netherlands. For readers from North America "Hockey" means Field Hockey.  To aclimatise from a tropical winter to a northern hemisphere summer we spent a week and a bit in England and Scotland but we still managed to freeze in Amsterdam. It was bitterly cold.

The Air Niugini team didn't win the championship like they did in Fiji in 1995 but we all had a good time and made more friends.

I was going to see these friends at the 1999 Tournament in Kuala Lumpur but, unfortunately, I was unable to attend.


Here is some information about Health in PNG

My maiden name is Maibani and I am from Wamira Village which is near Dogura in Milne Bay Province, Papua New Guinea. -- Maibani Family Tree -- Weather Details for Wamira / Wedau

Why not fill in some time and take a look at some early photographs of myself?

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