BMW R60/5 Avon Fairing

The R60/5 is currently being restored (S L O W L Y).

One of the major items is the full Mitchenall Bros Avon fairing fitted by the original owner - Ian Taylor. The fairing has been on the bike since almost its first days in Victoria (Australia) and is now very much worse for wear. I picked up a new screen for the fairing in 1996/1997 from BM in Brisbane but have not fitted this to the bike yet.

I tracked down a spare transfer / decal from Sprint in the UK. (see below)

Below are some pictures of the condition of the fairing before the restoration. (After repair)


Tha Avon full fairing was originally fitted by Ian Taylor of the MSCAV. It weighed the front end down but reduced wind noise to almost zero. Something the F800ST and F650GS can not match.


This is a picture of the fairing on the bike 

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